External projects

Lejos sample programs (link)

TRAC3R – MOC LEGO Mindstorms EV3 drawing robot arm

Roland Blochberger (git)

Several EV3 lead examples using the Java Implementation of LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 Programming Blocks for LeJOS EV3. Based on Le2LeJosEv3  This is the Library.

Legodroid (git)

Legodroid is a tiny Java library for Android with educational purposes, aimed at writing programs for LEGO Mindstorms in a simple and straightforward way (article).


EV3Dev-lang-Java is project to learn Java and create software for Mindstorms Robots using hardware supported by EV3Dev & the LeJOS way.

  • git repository

Smart Parking System Public

Direct Command (J4EV3)

A Java API capable of communicating with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 brick through direct commands. This API was coded with the intention of being simple to use, therefore every functionality is accessed through an object of the Brick class.

  • git repository

Vocal Command

EV3Agent is a Dorset intelligent agent. It takes in commands to control a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot.

  • git repository


This is a school project. I have done all of the code myself, except the JavaFX UI. This robot will travel around a set path until it finds an object (in this case, an object of the color red) using the camera. The robot then picks up the object, returns it to the starting point and continues the path.

  • git repository

Git resources (link)

Mini Alpha: A robot arm made with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (no Java)

In this model, all three motors are concentred in the base, and the movement is transmited mechanically to the joints.This allows the superstructure to be light, fast and quite compact. Despite having only two degrees of freedom, it has a great motion range that allows it to move lego balls quite efficiently.